Rame, Cornwall's Forgottern Corner / Whitsand Bay Protest
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Over the years there's been huge protests concerning the so called legal dumping of materials in our sea's, Regaurdless of the consequence's Government after Government have allowed and even encouraged it . Generations of our so called members of Parlement it seems are not just content with running our country to the wall, it obvious that they also wish to ensure the devistation of the enviroment that we live in, as always it seems to protect the pocket of a selected few?
It good to see that some of the people here from Rame in Cornwall despite what the Government of the day has to say about it are still protesting year after year,  and long may they continue. Looking at the pictures I took on the day (This near on two years ago now) I did wonder what the future now holds for some of the youth pictured here, every politician past and present should hang there heads in shame for the mess this country is in today.