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I take a great interest in numerous things especially the way in which our country is run by our so called leaders and politicians, this an interest which has grown even more over the last twenty years or so due mainly to there continuing incompetence which I find unforgivable. No doubt not everyone will agree with my views nor do I expect them to.

Here are a few of the things that have caught my eye of which as a result I have commented on.
David Cameron & George Osborne  (Twiddle De and Twiddle Dum)  10-02-2016
Plymouths Derriford Hospital 02-07-2015 Updated again 14-05-2016
David Bowie 11-01-2016
A Ride Into Hell   24-11-2015
The Paris Attacks 15-11-2015 Updated 24-11-2015.
Lidl To Pay Recommended Living Wage20-09-2015
Our Rail Net-Work  30-10-2014  Updated 25-06-2015 
David Cameron and Our Sheryll (Our local MP God forbid!) And Our Sothwest Rail Network  Updated 14-10-2014

Letter In The Cornish Times Friday 6th March 2015 -  Question For MP Sheryll Murray.   06-04-2015

Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (Your life in there hands?) 05-03-2015  Update 15-01-2016
Whitsand Bay Dumping Protest   Update 22-01-2015
Talk About I Told You So?  20-10-2014
David Cameron & Jobs For The Boys and Girls it seems! 05-04-2014
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