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The Paris Terrorist Attacks.

The terrorist attacks in Paris were horrific, truly horrific, I cannot begin to comprehend what all those young people must have thought who were stuck in that concert hall having been forced to lay on the floor as the guns started opening up upon them, the poor souls, even those who have survived, there lives will never be the same again, my heart goes out to them and to all the others who were attacked, not forgetting there families and friends, who no doubt are beside themselves in grief.


Like many no doubt I stayed up until gone two in morning watching it all unfold on TV, the problem is I doubt we are never going to stop it, ever, it’s near on impossible, the only thing you can do is to try and make it as difficult as you can for them to carry out there attacks, that alone will cut down the threat and the number of attacks but it will not stop them? No not in my life time any way.


The EU open border policy is no doubt adding to the problems and to that threat, any fool can see it's an open opportunity and invitation to anyone who has evil intent, it enables anyone be they terrorists, criminals or whoever to move around Europe carrying both arms and explosives or whatever at will, with near on no threat of detection what so ever?


I have no doubt that every terrorist must rub there hands in glee when they sit down and plan such dreadful attacks, knowing all of Europe's borders are wide open? No doubt they must think we are all idiots?


We are some what lucky compared with the French as the English channel provides some limited protection and it is very limited as you know.


Yet for years now we to have suffered dreadfully as a result of our open borders, many including children have paid the ultimate price and are no longer with us, both through terrorism and other crimes which have included murder and rape and such like, truly dreadful crimes in fact. No forgetting the thousands of what I would ordinary crimes that have been committed by such people who can come in to our country at will with evil intent. Even known murders and such like come in to our country at will?


Why we continue to allow this EU open border policy to carry on is beyond me, Both our Government past and present seems think that this is ok and that we should just put up with it? do you?         


By closing all the open European borders and returning to good old fashion border controls as they used to be, it would  give the security forces through out Europe a far better opportunity of putting an end to the movement of criminals, terrorist, arms and explosives or whatever, plus it gives everyone's security forces a far better opportunity of catching those responsible for such atrocities? it's a no brainer really? Is it going to happen? No! but it bloody well should do, what say you?

Wednesday 18th November 2015
The following from Reuters today?
The Paris suicide attacker identified as 25-year-old Ahmad al-Mohammad from the northwestern city of Idlib may have reached France faster and more easily because asylum seekers were rushed across some national borders at the height of the migration crisis in Europe this year, Reuters reports.

It says that the measures were implemented to avoid bottlenecks after Hungary closed its borders.

The true identity of the attacker, who blew himself up near the Stade de France, has become a key line of inquiry for French investigators, Reuters says, with the focus on whether the passport found near his body is genuine.

An accomplice may have travelled with the bomber as he went through the Balkans to western Europe after entering Greece posing as a Syrian refugee, counter-intelligence and police sources quoted by Reuters say.
Obviously the report from Reuters raises huge questions how the EU goes about addressing it's security? But this is not news is it? No it's not, surely now is the time to say enough is enough? no country should be allowed in the EU (It should also include the current ones?) unless they do the following:
1. Supply data on all there passport holders and known criminals to a European data base so that everyone can be checked at border controls which need to be put in place again?
2. Ban anyone that has committed any serious crime and or has served over three years in prison or has committed five or more petty crimes such as shop lifting or what ever from traveling through out Europe? (While some may say it will infringe there human rights and freedom it should be made law that by committing such crimes they knowingly have given up that right END OFF!)
3. Again by committing such crimes after serving there sentence all criminals should be sent back to there own country with out any leave to appeal as they have given up that right by knowingly committing such crimes. END OFF!  (The country of the offender should pay all costs for both there served prison time and the cost to send them back home)
4. Last but no least no one (no matter what there circumstances are?) should be allowed to travel from one country to another through out Europe with out passports or proper documents,
This will save lives in the future? it will also stop known gang members and other criminals and such like from being able to carry on going from one country to another with in Europe while they are committing and involved in such crimes? 
Tuesday 24th November 2015
Despite contacting my conservative MP Sheryll Murray in writing on this issue and telling her of my comments and asking if the Government is going to respond to both my comments and the obvious threat of the open borders with in the EU and demand change I have had no reply from her  what so ever?
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