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Lidl To Pay Recommended Living Wage.

My Wife and I have been doing most of our grocery shopping online with Tesco for a couple of years now, as they deliver to us for a small fee, which has been great.


I was however not happy that as soon as they got in to financial trouble (due entirely I may add to there own complacency) they went about stopping there workers pensions scheme? yet the Directors responsible were given million pound odd payoffs along with huge pensions?   


So it was good to read in the news that Lidl will become the first supermarket to implement the minimum wage in October as recommended by the Living Wage Foundation, I was really impressed by Lidl doing this. I think it's great news that one of our high street supermarket chains has decided to do this. Well done Lidl.


The Lidl hourly rate is above George Osborne's July Budget, and the governments minimum wage which is set to be £7.20 an hour from April 2016 for people aged over 25?


What happens when your 25 I have not a clue? why anyone who is under 25 and doing the same work then  gets paid less is beyond me?


Why we continual to allow this exploitation of our young people I don't know, it's a national disgrace and  even more so when near on 32% of 16-25 year olds in this country live in poverty driven by such factors as low minimum wages and high unemployment.


So well done Lidl good for you and this to let you know that in future my Wife and I will be doing our grocery shopping with you as a result.


All The Best Eveyone Were Off To Lidl's.
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