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Talk about I told you so?
Sent to my MP Sheryll Murray on the 14th of October 2014.

Hi Sheryll,
              As you know I am not a supporter of the HS2 project, and not only that but I am utterly dismayed at our Governments selling off all our so called assets time after time mostly in order to pay our debts which have incurred time after time by the mismanagement of our country's finances. We spent billions building the channel tunnel and now we are proposing to sell part of it to the French? HELLO? they hate us? it will cost us dearly in future?

In Japan and a number of other country's no foreigner is allowed to own such companies or in fact in some cases any company, especially the ones which are seen as the back bone of there industry and country's Infrastructure, country's like Germany do all they can to protect and support there industry's and jobs which is why they have been so powerful and rule the EU.

Yet here we do the opposite and when we sell off a company to a foreign business in most cases we then end up having to go cap in hand to them asking for improvements to what ever, our current problems with electricity and gas supplies are a prime examples of this. Not counting the fact that in most cases the workers who were formally employed prior to the sell off near on always end up having to cope with both redundancies and in most cases new and less beneficial contracts of work, which in turn I may add we again end up time after time having to support them through benefits? Royal Mail is another example of this? are we mad? or just plain bloody idiots?

I am sure I don't have to tell you that never in my life time have I seen our country in such a state financially, or down trodden for that matter? again your work place Westminster and the people with in it seem totally oblivious to what has and is happening to our country as a result no doubt you are aware of the political turmoil we face in our next general election.

Yet many including me can see no real future as our MP's continue in there game of blaming one another for the problems that we face today. And currently no were is a leader who has both the knowledge and skills to address the issues we face today?

Look at the Scottish referendum to say it was farcical would be an understatement, all three leaders of our main political party's did nothing to help themselves in that, in fact far from it, it made them look like idiots. As for all the so called promises made by your leader and others he has no right to do so with out putting such issues in front of Parliament and getting a vote, as well you know? the plum! I hope you don't support the promises he made do you?

It is again oblivious to me and many others that the EU is a club we cannot afford to be in any longer, no matter what the so called benefits are, we just cannot afford it financially, let alone all the problems it is causing us, the future of the EU is dire, due entirely to the simple fact that financially it's near on bankrupt, for years now they have yet to account for there own finances, let alone supposedly advising member states, not counting the fact for a number of years now they still have be unable to find any answer that will address the huge mountains of debts and the resulting poverty, unemployment and other social issues of the working classes in most of the members states, all of which I may add will prove to be the eventual down fall of the EU, if we stay with in the EU no matter what so called deals are put in place if any? we to will be dragged down with the rest of them as we have been for the last ten years or more.

I am sure you realise now that UKIP will be a major force in next general election due entirely down to the total incompetence of the current political party's to address the issues that most people in the country face today, not counting the fact that far to long Westminster has ignored the rest of the UK and the working classes which has resulted in the situation we are in now, it's little wonder that may will vote UKIP in the next general election.

Cliff Bennett


Then Only Days Later!    The Bank of England's Chief Economist Andrew Haldane was even gloomier about UK prospects.

Pound falls as Andrew Haldane predicts continuing low interest rates amid macro-economic ‘agony and ecstasy’

Haldane says growth in the UK is the fastest of the G7 advanced economies, the recession appears to have been shallower than first thought, growth is “reasonably well-balanced between consumption and investment”, inflation has slowed, unemployment is falling and share prices are up.

But he lists three features of the UK economy that “paint a more sobering picture”: Falling real-wage growth, Flat-lining productivity and real interest rates around zero per cent.

Explaining the impact of those features, he said: “These indicators clearly have an important bearing on macro-economic health: among workers, whose disposable incomes have fallen materially well below their pre-crisis levels; among savers, the rates of return on whose assets have fallen materially again below their pre-crisis levels and are near-zero in inflation-adjusted terms; and among companies, whose underlying efficiency has flatlined since the crisis.”

Haldane also warned that Britain was vulnerable to another explosion in the eurozone crisis. He told ITV News: “It’s a concern. It (the eurozone) is our biggest trading partner by far. We know we’ve seen recently that any event on the continent laps back to the UK very quickly through our trade links, but also through our financial links and, indeed, increasingly just because of confidence. If confidence is ebbing on the continent, it appears to leak across here and effects us pretty quickly.

Then From The Daily Mail (Saturday 19-10-2014)

Euro's Long Shadow

Last year, when Jose Manuel Barroso declared 'the threat against the euro has essentially been overcome', The Mail warned that the European Commission President was terrifyingly deluded.

Now the eurocrats are counting the cost as the fundamentally-flawed euro currency lurches back towards full-blown crisis.

Prices are rising at the slowest pace since the depths of the global downturn in 2009, fuelling fears that the eurozone is heading for a disastrous bout of deflation - which would make it harder for member states to service their crippling debts. Unemployment remains unsustainably high with 18.3million out of work - including almost a quarter of under-25s.

Even Germany - badly hit by the ban on exports to Russia - is expected to slip back into recession shortly. Most alarmingly, Berlin, Paris and Brussels are falling out among themselves, as Greece and France indicate they are no longer prepared to tolerate the austerity demanded by the Euro's German paymasters.

It's tempting once again to thank our lucky stars that Britain is not part of this disastrous political project. But, as George Osborne warns, the turmoil in mainland Europe will inevitably cast a pall over the UK economy, hurting our manufacturers and exports.

The Chancellor has done an excellent job steering Britain towards recovery (I Wish?) But make no mistake: thanks to the continued folly of the euro, the stormiest of seas lie ahead.
So has our Government an answer to all this? in a word No! they sit back and hope and pray that eventually things will get better, but as there term in office has proven for most it's not is it?
All The Best Eveyone
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