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David Cameron & George Osborne  (Twiddle De and Twiddle Dum)
(Wednesday 10th February 2016)
What goes through the mind of these two each day does not bear thinking about, this week alone David Cameron is telling us that if we leave the EU we are going to end up with a migrant camp in Folkston? obviously he is totally unaware that we have them there already? and he's our Prime Minister? 
So we managed to stop Hitler and the Germans from invading us and win the second world war but now we have gone so down hill that our Prime Minister admits at long last that both he and his government cannot even protect our boarders from illegal migrants let alone anyone else?

So much for his leadership and ideas? even his mother has had enough of both him and his government cuts to public services by signing a petition against them. 
So as both  David Cameron & George Osborne  (Twiddle De and Twiddle Dum) carry on with there double act by telling us that every thing they do is good for the country (Do they honestly believe that? even they cannot be that stupid surely?) this is just one story in the papers today which reflects on that.

This reflects on the story of when George Osborne accepted that Google pay just £130 million in settling there tax bill which dated back to 2005 which George Osbourne claimed at the time was and I quote "a major success"

I will let you make your own mind up about that, next no doubt George Osborne will be telling us that pigs can fly. 
And this is the Government that states they can run our economy better that anyone else, I wish they would explain to me why they have borrowed more money than any other government in our history and why this country's debt is increasing daily to what is now near on two trillion?
This debt will never be paid back in my life time? even if we no longer borrowed any more money it will take 20 years or more to repay this debt. The public have not a clue as to how our country's finance are run nor in fact do most of our own MP's I doubt if you sat down with your local MP and asked them to explain it to you that many could, how can they when even our chancellor George Osbourne obviously has not a clue, I wonder if Google would employ George Osborne? would you?
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